Regional workshops “Opportunities and Good Practices of Territorial Rural Development”

Within the framework of the Program Rural and Regional Development Support to Serbia, in March 2019, in cooperation with the Serbian Association of Regional Development Agencies (SARRA), four Regional Workshops were held on the topic “Opportunities for Good Practice of Territorial Rural Development” on March 5th in Kragujevac, March 12th in Novi Sad, March 14th 2019 in Niš and March 28th 2019. on Zlatibor.

The workshops were attended by representatives of donor (SDC), municipalities, local self-governments, Regional Development Agencies, tourist organizations, as well as, representatives of civil and private sector, total 154.

At the beginning of the workshop participants were welcomed by representatives of SARRA and John Gallagher, RRDS Team Leader.

Irina Slavkovic, RRDS Deputy Team Leader, presented the experiences of rural-regional projects through examples of good practice and models.

Facilitators of the workshop, Zdravko Miovčić and Dragan Roganović, experts for Regional Planning and Best- Practice Development, dealt with 3 topics in group work with participants from each region:

1. Current activities and progress in region as base for future rural economic development actions
2. How can we build upon previous / current initiatives and what opportunities exist in the region to advance rural economic development
3. Existing and new partners and networking

After presentation of group works, their results and identification of potential areas of functional territorial cooperation were discussed.

Workshops Agenda Download.

Presentation from Workshops is available here.

Photos are available here.