Programme Regions

Component 2 of the Programme focuses on providing support to two targeted regions and its objective is defined in the following way: “At least three combined regional and rural development initiatives inspired by the new vision demonstrate country wide the feasibility and usefulness of the functional spaces approach while fulfilling EU funding criteria and increasing Serbia’s EU funding absorption capacity”.

During the inception phase, two project targeted regions were defined: region one comprises of two administrative districts, Srem and Macva, while region two includes Kolubara and Sumadija. In the first phase of work, till October 2016 Programme team has worked with partners from the regions on defining initiatives (partnerships). From November 2016 till the end of project implementation, team of local and international experts will continue building capacities of minimum 3 initiatives through training, on the job support, assistance in developing projects. RRDS Programme also includes 1.62 million CHF fiduciary funding to support measures and actions of selected rural-regional initiatives.