Platform for Coordination of Rural and Regional Development Policies

The Policy Platform serves as a representation of the functional space and all complexities of interrelations both horizontal and vertical between various stakeholders. Policy Platform mission, as defined by its members is to work on:
– Improvement of partner relationships and inter-institutional cooperation with a view to improve strategic and legislative framework and develop new initiatives in the field of rural and regional development in Serbia.
– Strengthening cooperation capacities, both horizontal and vertical, at all levels.

The primary role of the Platform is to serve as a tool for the improvement of networking, communication and dialogue on rural and regional development issues at both horizontal (Across Ministries, National Bodies & National Organisations) and vertical levels (National, Regional & Local).

The tasks of the platform include:
– To serve as a discussion forum and to promote dialogue amongst members and their related institutions, organisations and committees
– Initiating and supporting learning processes in regional-rural development: creating common understanding of rural regional development; learning from the regions; piloting and prototyping; transferring knowledge / experiences from other institutional stakeholders, fora and regions
– Support members access information on International & National best practices, evidenced based briefing papers and recommendations to support National Ministries and decision makers in the formulation of future rural and regional policies. Platform members can transfer this knowledge to other institutional stakeholders and fora where they participate (i.e IPA Sectoral Monitoring Committees) to support their decision-making processes.
– Endorsement of regional and rural development initiatives and outreach engagement sessions with rural and regional initiatives

The initial members of the Platform include representatives of: Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Sector for Rural Development, Chair, and Group for Advisory Service; Ministry of Economy; National Assembly; Public Policy Secretariat; Development Agency of Serbia; Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities; Provincial Secretariats for Agriculture, Water Management, Forestry and Interregional Co-operation and Local Self Government; National Rural Development Network; Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and three (3) RDAs from the two project targeted regions.

Two main modalities of work are envisaged:
1. Regular Platform meetings aimed at improving policy coordination between decision makers in the areas of regional and rural development, building of common understanding on certain topics and creation of synergies, exchange of best-practices, etc.
2. Capacity building activities involving over one Platform member and practically applying the key Platform values by addressing demands of one member and creating solutions through cooperation of more members.