Programme Support to Rural and Regional Development in Serbia gathers key partners interested in further improvements in the area of rural-regional development from the national, regional and local levels:
National level: Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Ministry of Economy, National Assembly, Public Policy Secretariat, Development Agency of Serbia, Office for EU Integrations, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, National Network for Rural Development.

Regional level: Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Water Management, Forestry, Provincial Secretariat for Interregional Co-operation and Local Self Government, Regional Development Agency Srem, Regional Economic Development Agency of Sumadija and Pomoravlje, Regional Development Agency Podrinja, Podgor and Radjevina.

Local level: 28 local self-governments which belong to the two project regions: region one – administrative districts of Srem and Macva and region two – administrative districts of Kolubara and Sumadija.