Overall Objective

RRDS represents an integral part of the support by the Government of Switzerland to establishing good governance in the Republic of Serbia and accordingly, the overall objective is: “Local Governments access additional financial resources to deliver on their competences; the resources prompt democratic decision taking at local level on investment priorities (within national priority sectors agreed with central government) and lead to the provision of more quality services to citizens and the private sector.

The driving force behind the Rural & Regional Development Project is that in the future people of the communities they are from or part of and different places will come together to explore their potentials, new possibilities and ideas and chart a course of future focused positive actions. They will have the confidence and capacity to clearly articulate their very specific needs in a variety of fora and platforms, which are responsible for contributing to the design and elaboration of future central government programmes.
These fora and platforms will be guided by a set of principles, which will inspire confidence and ensure that all representatives participate equally in the decision making process. This process will deliver programmes that respond to the very specific needs of different communities and places. These programmes will enable towns and municipalities and other partners to access future EU & National funds and lead their own development. This will result in the delivery of improved services to citizens and the private sector and contribute to the improvement in the quality of life of all citizens, particularly women and those living on the margins, in rural areas and regions.