Programme Rural and Regional Development Support to Serbia strives to pilot functional approach to rural-regional development in two project targeted regions, and to further disseminate knowledge and best-practices developed to other regions in Serbia to be used as a generator of new ideas and projects across the country.
Programme is financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation – SDC, and implemented by the consortium of partners composed of NIRAS (Poland, Denmark), Polish Rural Forum (Poland) and Partner Solutions (Serbia), in close cooperation with the national key partners Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection (MoAEP), Ministry of Economy (MoE), Development Agency of Serbia (DAS) and Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM). Directly involved in the project implementation are 2 functional regions: 1 – Sremski and Macvanski Districts, 2 – Kolubarski and Sumadijski Districts. Project implementation is planned in the period November 2015 – January 2019.

The project focuses on strengthening of the horizontal governance processes across the involved ministries and within the regions, as well as on supporting the vertical linkage between national, regional and rural structures. It also includes the establishment of a Policy Platform and the development of at least three functional models of regional and rural development, driven by local and regional innovation. Furthermore, the RRDS approach ensures that the learning generated, in the course of the project, is accessible and available to a wide range of stakeholders in order to inspire change and to motivate them to act on behalf of their communities and places.
Principles of good governance and equal opportunities represent an important element of all Programme activities focused on further improvement of public administration functioning and services to citizens, as well as improvement of position of marginalised groups, especially women in rural areas to take more active role in the processes related to community development.