Programme Components and Budget

RRDS interventions are expected to yield three specific outcomes:

Outcome 1: The Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Ministry of Economy, Public Policy Secretariat, SDA, SCTM, LGUs and other relevant institutions share and drive a common vision of rural and regional development based on the concept of functional spaces and promoting bottom up innovation; Parliament, Ministries, State Agencies approve new regulatory framework, strategies, programmes and action plans reflecting the new vision.

Outcome 2: At least three combined regional and rural development initiatives inspired by the new vision demonstrate country wide the feasibility and usefulness of the functional spaces approach while fulfilling EU funding criteria and increasing Serbia’s EU funding absorption capacity.
Initiatives and Actions supported within outcome 2 are expected to originate from the two targeted regions: region 1 overlapping with Sremski and Macvanski administrative districts and region 2 with Kolubarski and Sumadijski administrative districts. In addition to technical assistance, project also includes 1.620.000 CHF fiduciary funding to support development measures within the selected project regions and the pilot initiatives.

Outcome 3: The models of regional and rural development inspire policy makers, and LG stakeholders to apply for EU regional and rural development pre accession funding to (co-)fund their own initiatives.

Overall budget is 3.699.700CHF, out of which 1.620.000CHF is allocated for financing of rural-regional initiatives.